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Family Stories 2013

These short messages were written from the heart upon Maiy's Diagnosis.

Maiyanna the princess. She smiles and brightens a room,she laughs and we all
laugh with her. Not only is she a ray of sunlight on a dreary day, but she is
the most intelligent little girl I have ever met. So sweet with words beyond her
years, she can control a room of madness with one sentence. Maiy is truly a
beautiful blessing to all around her, & I know this because I have been blessed
by the princess herself, my Maiyanna.
-Love Auntie Lindsey & Anteique

My Maiy,

To this day, everytime I go to fuss at A'chya I hear Maiy say "Don't yell at my
friend Chya, she's my friend" with her hands on her hips lol!!!!! Maiy, you have
touched my life and so many others in more ways than one. I know the Lord has a
plan for you, you are a bright, smart beautiful baby girl. Nothing can come in
the way of what God is about to do. I love you Sweetheart.
     For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord", plans to prosper
you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11
-Love Auntie Courtney & A'chya

Maiyanna Marie Antoinette Clemons-McCarthy, you are as special as your name is.
You come from the best thing of earth, and only bring the best things out of the
people you encounter, as smart as you are, as rare as you are, you have the rare
ability to make smart people feel stupid, and you just like your name, is
unmatched. I love you. Thank you. -Uncle Boi

I think Maiy knows that Lundon wants her to be his wife one day and that's why
she calls him a "scary baby" and flips every time he hugs her! HAHAHA! Mycah i
love you and Maiy very much and am praying and believing for strength, peace,
and a miracle!

Am & Lundon

At 25 years old I learned that I may talk too much when little angelic 3 year
old Maiyanna asked me in the middle of my own sentence: "Auntie Tara do you EVER
stop talking?" a speechless me actually had to stop and think "do I? do I really
talk that much?". I thought I didn't talk enough..thought wrong. Every single
time I'm around her she makes me laugh and always has something to show me or
someone to tell me about..So much personality and love in such a small beautiful
girl. Princess Maiyanna Marie you are a hearts Joy and I love you to pieces.
- Love Auntie Tara

With your bright eyes and dazzling smile, you captured our hearts forever. Keep
fighting Maiyanna, we love you and are behind you every step of the way!

All my love,

She has a mean streak, but can be the sweetest little girl. Love when she used
to do the potty dance♥love you Maiyana - love Trish

Gods word and all it promises give reason to endure. The things we have Learned
and come to love are all well founded and sure. Stand firm in your integrity -
by tests you will be defined. Despite the trials you will meet, endure no matter
the cost. Whatever tests may come your way, never yield to doubt or fear. Be
stabilized in holy faith, keeping Jehovah's day close in mind. The Book of Life
will lost their names , a record clearly engraved. Jehovah's favor and escape
you will know-  with joy you will be blessed with many rewards from Jehovah.

Can you see, with your minds eye- people dwelling together? In those days old
will grow young, flesh re-vived as in childhood. Sorrow has passed. Peace at
last! Life without tears or pain. Troubles are gone, from now on- no need to
weep or fear. Paradise all will enjoy, as we sing of Jehovah God's glory. Long
as we live, we will give to Jehovah God, our Maker , Thanks. Sing out with joy
of heart! You too can have a part! Live for the day when you'll say, "Life
without end, at last!"
- I love you Maiyanna, Glammie's Baby Girl